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Alejandro Dabdoub is an extraordinary businessman with a diverse perspective in his field. His years of experience make him an invaluable resource for anyone interested in investing wisely. Having known Alejandro my entire life, I’m well acquainted with his successes in bringing foreign investors into the United States. I admire his ability to commit and care for what he values.

—  Samantha Bopp, Congressional Staff


He is an investor who has been living and working in the United States for twenty years. His academic background includes the University of New Orleans, Harvard, London Business School and the IPADE Business School in Mexico. His main line of entrepreneurship has always been the development and construction of retail buildings and apartments.


In 2001, he developed his first shopping strip in Houston, Texas, and began investing in apartment buildings with one of the most prestigious groups in the United States. Since then, he has become (on invitation) a partner of the group and has participated in building a fund for international investors so they can invest in real estate in the United States. He is also a partner in a real estate group in Mexico. In addition, over the years, Alejandro has been a restaurant entrepreneur —one of his projects was among the top 10 restaurants in Mexico City—, a promoter of the motor sports known as drifting, author of photography books and film producer.


Thanks to his studies and contacts, Alejandro has achieved a wide business portfolio. His background of almost 20 years as an investor and entrepreneur in the United States has allowed him to obtain permanent residence in this country, both for himself and his family.

Winning: THE ART OF BECOMING AN AMERICAN INVESTOR  is an indispensable manual for becoming a successful foreign investor in the United States. Based on his renowned career in the world of finance and with friendly and dynamic prose, Alejandro Dabdoub Smutny shows that, by following the right advice, it is possible to invest and earn in the United States.


In these pages, readers will find essential information about alliances, business analysis, legal entities, partners, types of visas and everything they need to know before taking the first big step towards the American dream.


Winning: THE ART OF BECOMING AN AMERICAN INVESTOR is the ultimate guide for the investor who wants to expand his vision and conquer the largest market in the world.


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